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Title Name Telephone
Pre-School Theresa Grow x577
Kindergarten Allyson Hobby x201
Kindergarten Elise Howe x101
Kindergarten Sara Turgeon

Class Website

Kindergarten Katie Walsh x109
Special Education Teacher Kindergarten Nancy Fournier x175
Grade 1 Patricia Hamilton x108
Class website
Grade 1 Allison Gardner x110
Grade 1 Heather DeLuca x112
Special Education Teacher Gr1 Kristine Roberts x111
Grade 2 Kelsey Dalrymple x146
Grade 2 Gretchen Haddock x114
Grade 2 Kyra Butts x113
class website
Special Education Teacher Gr2 Kevin Nash x278
Grade 3 Mark Hamel x200
Grade 3 Sharon Karpinski x138
Grade 3 Christine Bergeron x202
Special Education Teacher Gr3 Crystle Perry x143
Grade 4 Tara Harris x148
Grade 4 Linda Croteau x137
Grade 4 Sarah Zink x136
Special Education Teacher Gr4 Shawnda Hopkins x305
Grade 5 Ondrea Hastings x187
Class website
Grade 5 Stephanie Hillsgrove x147
Grade 5 Laurel LaRoche x195
Special Education Teacher Gr5 April Hackley x174
Grade 6 Christine Vaillancourt x189
Grade 6 Annie Bourque x188
Middle School Matt Rayno x194
Middle School Ann Tilden x193
class website
Middle School Jennifer Miller x149
Class website
Middle School Amanda York x190
class website
Middle School Laurie Reeder x196
Class website
Special Education Teacher Middle School Betsy Simon x303
Special Education Teacher Gr 6 & MS Ryan Russell x133
Music Amy Morse x172
Barnstead Music Program
PT Music Ellen Hayes x176
Art Mary Dank x151
Health Sara Pickard x150
Physical Education Ryan McKenna x218
Librarian Kristin Whitworth x205
Technology Bryan Stewart x376
LTC website
Reading Teacher Lynda Goossens x309
Reading Teacher Kim Raifsnider x115
Reading Teacher Patrice Moran x271
Reading and Writing Specialist Emily Barron x277
Reading and Writing Specialist Cathleen White x306
Math RTI Jennifer Kloss x587
Math RTI Annabelle Boyle x587
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Our educators are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about the school year. Please do not hesitate to contact them for any reason. On the left you will find a list of teachers by grade level.